14.04.2 or 15.04 Beta 2 - Which to use?

Looking for some advice! Coming off Arch Gnome - been listening to Wimpy on Linux Unplugged! Was wondering if I should go for 14.04.2 or Beta 2 for 15.04???

Any suggestions?!?!

14.04 is stable and LTS… with that said, I have been on beta and alpha for awhile now and it’s been pretty stable.

Sounds good - I think I’m willing to try beta - I don’t think I’m going to run into any of the ‘known’ issues!!!

I am running UM Beta 2 and the only bugs for me thus far are:

Network icon needs to be clicked and disabled then enabled sometimes at start/bootup.

Running on a Laptop with only UM on it, pressing shift doesn’t work to get to the recovery menu, oddly enough, pressing “Esc” does show the menu but cannot select anything in it!.

Other than that, its running fine!. :smiley:

The beauty of .deb systems: stability :smile:

Something I have found those other guys with the crimson head covers promise but fail to execute well… :wink:

Coming from arch i think u might not mind beta software :wink:

For all - I decided (for beta or worse) to go with 15.04 Beta - figure I’d report anything I came across!!!



I’m quite new to Mate and i just recently did a HW upgrade and installed Mate from the beginning. Before i was using Win 7 for general stuff and on virtual I run Ubuntu 14.04 for web development. when Mate was announced as official favor dint give it second thought and just install it, feel free to call me a Unity hater. I always run LTS and currently I’m struggling with the same dilemma as you. As far as I understand Mate 14.04 is not a pure release it was done later (i think 14.11), I have tried the beta on virtual it was stable and i like the new features, so i definitely give it try, will see how stable it will be on physical PC.

I might have to step back to 14.04.2 - I’m getting an odd issue when I reboot - I get odd errors ( have reported and working with someone on it ) - also every so often my screen saver will completely lock up and I have to reboot the computer ( causing said error again )…