16.04 lost menu bar and no internet

Recently my mate started to not bring up my network interface which is eno1.
I tried sudo service network-manager restart or sudo ifdown eno1 and sudo ifup eno1 but all these tricks do nothing now…
I restarted and I noticed that the top menu is missing.
At the moment I’m burning a startup disk.
I have my home in a different partition which I should not lose it by any means!
What should I do to restore my system?
Any traps I should be awared?

PS: what should I do to freeze my system?-no updates at all!

Hi @Cent,

the following two links should help you, the update link has info about update settings which you can choose yourself!: :smiley:

How can I import my existing user in a new installation of Mate?
OK this is the link Install Ubuntu (Mate) using "Something else" method
but anything tricky there?
What about my conf files for compass, ruby, firefox, openoffice, php, apache?
Any way I can find my bookmarks in chrome and firefox?

OK I re-installed 16.04
Still no menu bar although Firefox is up and session restored! (fine!)
What about the menu bar???

Alt-F1 re-appears the menu (https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=124839)
I don’t know if ‘mate-panel --reset’ had sth to do with the above or
‘sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment’ as it seemed not installed with ‘sudo dpkg-query -l mate*’

Hi @Cent,

open Control Center > Mate Tweak and change the desktop setting to a different look!.

Open Welcome > Software > Fixes and try running the repair Options (fix broken packages) then restart!. :smiley:

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