16.04 won't update

my 16.04 has stopped updating. I’ve added an official Libreoffce Writer dictionary(dict-en-20170101.oxt). A screenshot of the partial update error I’ve made but can’t attach here

Do it in terminal and post the text output.

sudo apt update

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Hi @xaire,

Have you tried going to the Software Boutique > Fixes and running the Configure Interrupted Packages and Resolve Broken Packages? That might help. You could also run the following commands in the command line and see what happens:

sudo dpkg --configure -a sudo apt --fix-broken install sudo apt-get -f install

Follow the terminal prompts if necessary.

Then run

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

You could also run this command to clean up the system:

sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

As @anon42388993 mentioned, please copy and post the text output of the error messages you might be getting (if you run the terminal commands, select the text and press CTRL + Shift + c to copy it).

If none of the above suggestions work, I recommend you follow wolfman’s update guide, as it is very comprehensive. I do that update every time I install Ubuntu on a machine.

I hope this helps.