17.04 lock behaviour

Having issue with activating lock - using menu or ctrl-l used to work great 16.04 - upgraded and ‘dm-tool lock’ seems to work but anything else and end up in weird state where all menus no longer respond to click apart from can still shutdown - i have tried both pantheon and my normal default ubuntu mate theme

In fact i tried few things out in terms adding/removing brisk and then ran ‘mate-panel --reset’ to go back to how i was before - which may be in mix?

Initially its almost as if the main portion of screen is locked but top menu not. Mouse over and selecting menu appears to highlight but not drop down. After period of time can select power icon top right to restart.

I am using recommended proprietary nvidia drivers and use optimus indicator to normally run intel extend battery life


I'm not sure about Ubuntu 17.04, in 16.04 you can right click a panel > add to panel > search for lock > add a lock feature. This will add a little lock icon in your panel which you can quickly click to lock your desktop. Does this work?

The same lock applet is in 17.04 using the exact same steps.

BTW, I usually lock the screen by holding down ALT+CTRL+L not CTRL+L


Thanks for reply piperbarb

You are correct there is an ALT in there :slight_smile:

Cheers James, i didnt know about the lock icon

There is also lock on new brisk menu which quite nice

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