18.04 alpha... Software Boutique not being populated

18.04 just grateuntil now… but Software Boutique is not norking. No visable sw is shown. Why?
regards Poul48

Hi poul48,

have you done a full system update?:

Ubuntu Mate Update Guide :smiley:

Thanks for quick responce.

Yes… system update every day. :wink: (Using “synaptics” )

Yes I run Ubuntu Mate 18.04 Alpha/Beta og daily builds on 6 different
PC’s. They all have the SAME error. (17.10 worked fine.)

Regards Poul48

18.04 alpha… Software Boutique not being populated

AIUI, the Boutique is in flux at the moment in 18.04 as we wait for the new version to land.

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Sometimes you have to open it twice.

The updated Boutique landed in 18.04 yesterday. We got some changes to make in the listings, some new apps and some to be removed. But we’ll start knocking it in to shape.

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Holey Moley Winpy! Great stuff! I installed the i386 daily with the March 01st build and the Boutique chose not to install Spotify or Filezilla. Even upon fully reverting back to 17.10, Spotify has eluded reinstalling, even from your previous Boutique. Can you double check your files – does the Boutique point at an outdated or missing snap?



solved! :slight_smile: