[18.04] Caja write error on NFS mount


First off, I’m not certain if here’s the right place to post this into.

Here we go: after that I did a clean install of 18.04(Which works superbly well btw), I have had the brilliant idea of linking ~/Documents, ~/Music, ~/.ssh (alongside other vital dirs) over on my NAS via NFS mount points. All this works fine on paper, however when I access it via Caja it seems to be lacking write permission on it.

However all/most other GUI binaries are able to write properly onto the same share, may it be LO Writer or O VBox.

In other words, after I issued your typical “sudo mount $IP/$SHARE $LOCATION” command, I can mkdir, rm, mv, via terminal. However when I do the same actions using the filemanager Caja I miss all of those options.

Any ideas?

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Do you need to open Caja as Administrator?
(start caja as user, then File > Open as Administrator)

Wow thanks for your fast reply!

And also for having enlighten me @ Caja :wink:


PS: Would there be a way to harmonize both user and admin-mode caja configs? and ideally to always default to administrator mode? Going thru the options, this doesn’t seem to be existing currently.

I think that I have a found a bug:

After having deleting my user @ CLI (and readded 2-3 instances of it later on) I am now opening up Caja and going into the same operator mode however it is now asking me for root’s password instead of my user’s password.

This is still a problem in Ubuntu MATE 20.04. An NFS share works as read-write via terminal, but opening it in Caja only works as read-only. Going into root mode for Caja solves this but it is not a good workaround for obvious reasons.
This seems to have been a problem in Nautilus too -not clear whether it is fixed there.

It isn't a problem with GUI applications. I can save downloads from Firefox in the NFS folder. But if I open Caja, I cannot delete those files.

Also for some subfolders Caja will allow me to write, but not for others. And they all have the same owner and permissions. It drives me crazy.

Why isn't Caja using the same permissions as your user has?

Very interesting issues you have, that I haven't noticed.

I think the permissions are not setup correctly, user, user ID, permission on top folder,... I think you have to reach for more knowledge over internet tutorials to do a correct setup.


I mount an nfs volume remotely with:

/dev/sdb1 /repo ntfs defaults 0 0

/repo is owned by root:root and has perms 777

any remote client can R/W in there (with caja in user mode).