18:04 Desktop installation - bad work


The installation to hdd of Ubuntu Mate 18.04 is really bad work!
I’ve tried is more than one time, but it breaks every time the installation!
I’ve some hdd with lvm volumes for virtual machines with linux distributions. The Ubuntu Mate installer searches always inside (!!!) of every lvm volume for partitions and on installation it tries to format the swap partitions inside the lvm volumes, without any permission (nothing is selected to format!!!). This try to format the swap partitions inside the lvm volumes gets an error and the whole Ubuntu Mate installation stops working!

Stop seaching for partitions inside of lvm volumes and don’t format anithing without any permission!!!

That’s the worst installation I’ve ever seen!


When inside the partition editor have you tried the option “something else”?



I am not absolutely sure this is what is going on, but it sounds like you are trying to use the easy defaults and it is not doing it how you think it should. The advanced options (“something else” mentioned in previous reply) will probably help you sort this out. Most desktop users just want to clear off whatever is on the machine and start over (nuke and pave), and the defaults work for this.

Best of luck getting it all sorted.


Sorry for the late answer, I’m on vacation right now. I wanted to set up the home server for external access before my vacation, but unfortunately didn’t work due to the above problem.

I started the installation in expert mode and used “something else” for disk partitioning because there is more than one disk and, as I said, some LVM partitions with qemu system volumes.
I only repartitioned the first hard disk and specified it for formatting (including swap).

Ubuntu/Mate installation should not try to format swap partitions within LVM (system) volumes, or search within these volumes at all. In my opinion, a big bug!

I’ve thought about it a bit in the meantime and will try to install the Ubuntu server distribution after my vacation and then install Mate as desktop. This might work better.

Thank you for help!