18.04 for Raspberry Pi

Is there any information on when 18.04 (or the .1 release) will be available for Raspberry Pi?

Will it be possible to do a dist-upgrade, or will require a clean install?


There hasn’t been an update to the flavour maker ppa so it is likely:

  1. A pi release of 18.04 is still some way off
  2. The do-release-upgrade command has the potential to break something
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By dist-upgrade, what I really should have said was upgrade path.

The blog was saying it will be sometime in July, but you’re right it might be some way off yet:

We’re planning on releasing Ubuntu MATE images for the Raspberry Pi around the time 18.04.1 is released, which should be sometime in July.

I think many of us are waiting for the 18.04.1 version for the Raspberry. Can we have an approximate date please? It was actually announced July but now “far”: when?

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Initially it was announced that 18.04 for the Raspberry Pi would be released around the time of 18.04.1 in July, but supposedly Martin Wimpress said that it is a bit delayed (also considering we are into August now, with 18.04.1 but no Pi image yet). It’s definitely in the works and sounds like it should be out pretty soon.

Is 18.04 for the raspberrypi going to be released is say, in approximately 1 day or 1 week or 1 month???
I have been checking the download page almost daily since 18.04.01 so could we please get an update from someone who is working on the release?


So it came out!
But if I run the do-release-update it complains there is not enough space in the /boot partition…

So where can I download the image? I only find 16.04 in download section.

Can’t find an image either :confused:

Does it mean that it is only possible to update via terminal as there is no the latest image on the site? Have you managed to resolve the issue with the update?

Unfortunately I didn’t manage.
I tried to resize the partition with no luck. When I plug the microsd in
another linux system, it says it is corrupt so I cannot use gparted, but
the card works fine…


Maybe the Ubuntu Mate people are trying to make the software suitable for Raspberry Pi 2/3 systems.
Also consider the 3B+ release, so it might’ve interfered with release date. :fearful:
Or they assumed that they put 18.04 on the downloads.:grinning:
Hopefully it comes out before October.:smiling_imp:

Here’s an update on the Raspberry Pi images. For further updates, watch the following topic.