19.04 Keyboard Shortcuts: taking two taps to switch workspace


I have set the "switch-to-workspace" shortcuts to Ctl-n (with n the number). This is an override of the default.

Although all my other shortcuts work as expected, these require two strokes of the number key. This is not happening on similarly configured machines so there is something off about the config of this machine.

Any idea where to look? The journal says nothing about it.


Try changing the state of the NumLock key. Does that make a difference?


There seems to be some interaction but it is not consistent.

I found that if I toggle the numlock and then tap a number key twice then the shortcuts work as expected. But that is not a surefire fix. It can work once and then not work the next time.

NOTE: I use the number pad for its navigation values. I type numbers using the top row of keys (I go back to a time before the number pad was standard).

In fact -- just noticed -- the numberpad keys don't work with the shortcut at all with numlock on or off.


I give up. I changed my shortcut keys to be Primary-Shift-n and now they work as expected.