1st starting up UM Q's (disable mousepad, no brightness, move panels, xkill)

Hi everyone,

I recently installed Ubuntu Mate and I was wondering if anyone could walk me through some of the questions I have? I might have encountered some glitches that I came across here, which I didn’t come across in Linux Mint.

  1. Disabling Touchpad
    My touchpad gets in the way when gaming in FPS. I tried going into options and there is no way to disable the touchpad completely. Now, I don’t want to completely disable my touchpad. Is there a way to temporarily disable it and re-enable it whenever? Shouldn’t this be in settings by default? This sort of option was on Ubuntu, Mint, and Manjaro. :confused:

  2. No access to changing brightness
    As soon as I’ve set up my “Additional Drivers” to my Nvidia binary driver for “nvidia-346-updates (proprietary)” - I have not control to change my brightness settings from my laptop anymore.

  3. Moving Desktop Panel to my laptop monitor as my main?
    Yeah…I’m not sure how to do that. I went into my monitor and panel preferences, and I can’t seem to figure out how to move the main panel to my main laptop monitor.

  4. Mint Software Center (or other application repositories)
    Is it possible to get the Linux Mint Software Center repository here on Ubuntu Mate? No offence, but I’m not a fan of the original Ubuntu Software. It’s a hassle sometimes and it doesn’t fit the theme of ‘simplicity’ that UM is going for. :o: Additionally, what are some other repositories do you guys recommend? How do I install them to UM?

  5. xkill
    I might come across a program or game that might freeze on me. What is the shortcut to end a process of a frozen application? (In Mint, it was Alt+F2. But here it might not work. Is there another method?)

  6. Can’t move my mouse cursor outside certain windows, nor be able to xkill it. (for example, running Nexuiz)
    I wanted to take control of my window when playing a game like Nexuiz. I’ve came across this same issue in Mint too…so… But the other thing is that I still need to know the keyboard shortcut to kill the process of a game that freezes on me and I can’t move my mouse cursor out of the window.

  7. Maximize Game Performance
    Obviously I’m going to use UM to mainly game and edit videos (I’m not on the wrong distro to do that am I? :smile: ) What is the best way to maximize my performance in UM?

Yeah, lots of nooby questions. I’m still have a that Linux Mint mindset! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks in advance!