[20.04] Power browsing in the calendar missing and other minor irritants

The calendar is currently very neat.

However it would be somewhat improved if one could simply be capable to manually enter a year/month/(full date?) to effortlessly revisit a distant period in time.

For example: When I currently wish to head back to the old millienium I need to click a minimum of 20+ times to reach that period.

Another thing that bugs me is the fact that if after I went all the way back in time and my mouse the focus goes away from the calendar then it closes and I lost my navigation so I need to reembark on a 20+ clicking mission to get back to then. Sucks that all Dolorians were already taken...

In another set of mind: (And after having done a quick search on this topic already) how much complicated would it be to include the moon phases in the present calendar? I am thinking either to natively scrape data off something similar to https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/ or be able to import that functionality via a plugin.

Doubtful that the plugin import suggestion is the solution as there is not even a plugin import functionality (also not sure how much it would really be useful over time)



Hallo DLS

Regarding no longer being able to keep the calendar open - it is also something that I miss. My solution is to install the calendar package "orage" (using Synaptic) from the XFCE desktop. I start "orage" only when I need a persistent calendar. :slightly_smiling_face: