[20.04] Remember window state after session relaunch?

Am not too sure if this is even possible and/or if I am once again alone in my world of... exotic needs BUT would it be doable/of interest to also keep the "visibility state" of each window at session relaunch?

By "visibility state" I mean when you single right click on the top bar of an opened window and go for one of the "Always on top", "Always on visible workspace" and "Only on this workspace" options.

And by "session relaunch" I mean that currently under Control Panel -> Personal -> Startup Applications -> Options tab there exists the "Automatically remember running applications when logging out".

So right now, when I log back in, everything else is launched by on the first desktop. What if... it could also actually remember where it was located?

Brilliant, I know.

Shall I open a launchpad with that or am I too much of a dreamer?


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You can use devilspie2 for that and select the size/location/workspace/opacity of a window based on the program name or the window name.
Installation: sudo apt install -y devilspie2
Quick tutorial.

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