[20.04] The year is 2020 and still nobody cares for you: USB HID v81.11 Gamepad

The year was 1999 when Sega decided to add extension capabilities on the game controller of the Dreamcast. Soon after all companies jumped on the wagon and USB HIB arrived.

Was that ever a good thing for the PC community? That I cannot say for sure but what I can surely say is that it is much more annoying than useful in this great Linux world of our's.

As you possibly know the eco-system of hardware (esp. multimedia) is v-a-s-t. So much that I do not think that we need to bother ourselves, as end users, with tiny details that scrap the whole experience.

Explaining myself differently: my system has a regular PCI soundcard alongside that infamous HDMI audio and it can already be frustrating enough having to select back the proper device sound configuration under "Hardware" of "Sound Preferences" all of the time for when something minor(from my perspective) happens.

Frustrating because: my sound in MATE is already 100% yet I can raise it up another 80% from the control center's sound option; I need to re-select the proper output sound device because I unplugged a HDMI cable; I need to re-increase my sound over to 150% because my system went into energy saving mode; pavucontrol doesn't work; ....

I understand that I can just blacklist the module, and that's how that story will end for now, but moving forward is it really relevant to keep insisting that USB HID from gamepads become the norm/default audio device when it gets introduced into a live system? If so, please explain me the logic behind this.

At this point I already am struggling enough with gamepads on Linux hence the last thing I want to do is to introduce a new audio problem/misconfiguration from a hardware that was built to bring joy and pleasure!

Imagine if one day Ubuntu matures enough to be able to finally host more than 1 gamepad locally (and possibly wirelessly).

Now imagine that they would all have their USB HID taking over system configurations.


So please stop the madness now and just keep it gamepad related(the input/buttons) for when a gamer just wishes to have some fun and isn't technical (or doesn't want to bother on such simple things(that are already acquired elsewhere))