4K Support in Ubuntu Mate

So i’ve noticed there’s not a lot of articles pertaining to 4k support and Linux, which is becoming an ever increasing trend with high resolution screens on laptops over the past year. I’ve been running Ubuntu Mate on my Dell Inspiron 7548. 12 GB of RAM, 240 GB SSD, 4K IPS touchscreen.

I’m here just to say again what other posts across the web have mention, that hidpi screens and Ubuntu Mate don’t go hand in hand just yet. Scaling is quite a bit off. Yes, you can change the dpi in Appereance but it distorts the text and icons across the OS. I’ve messed around with a tweak tool or two that didn’t help much. So currently i’m running at 1080p just to avoid the scaling issues. And it looks great at 1080p, and I don’t mind, but I know it could always look better.

Just wanted to voice my issues with a 4k screen and was wondering if anybody knew any tweaks that actually works, or even though i’m really starting to like Ubuntu Mate, any other distros that have better 4k support.

I think that the problem is that the ubuntu Mate developers don’t have 4K displays
I think it’s pretty much impossible to add support for the hardware you don’t have

Yeah, that’s true. Hopefully as the developers grow support, this can change. :smiley:

If the developers don’t have the kit and it’s a feature we want then maybe the next time we make a donation to another team it should be a 4K monitor…

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