A few goofy gripes...wondering if anyone has pointers about them?

Hello Folks.
Actively using 18.04.3 and for the most part - delighted, truly.

Have run across some goofiness though & maybe others have seen any of these as well, and maybe have pointers to share ??

  1. Mate power manager
    Gets a system error message more often than not, and on top of that, recently it was shutting off the screen pretty much when it sort of felt like it, with no apparent way to fix it except to kill that process.

  2. The LibreOffice in the distro itself seems way ancient, and when removed & replaced with the official release, many fine & appreciated features are added to it - just wondering why this is not in the distro and/or not self-upgrading to the far better, new version right away ??

  3. Excess fonts !!!
    All sorts of foreign fonts - 309 altogether and no obvious way to remove them except one-by-one...OUCH !!

  4. Sharing data is a total PITA.
    Tried manually configuring Samba - what a time waster !!
    Discovered that the (otherwise very crippled...) Nautilus has a really great context menu entry that creates the local sharings as long as Samba & CIFS are already in place.
    (Caja is definitely NOT very friendly in this matter.)

  5. Persistently mounting local file shares is a nightmare !!
    Took 4-5 hours of my life to find a nice, direct method of doing this which was clearly explained enough such that I could adapt it and make it work, finally.

  6. Please don't holler at me for this one - antivirus:
    Tried several for the friend I help out at his small office, as his work for state agencies at times utterly requires one be in use.
    The winner (if there is any such thing...)=>
    ESET Nod32 - yes it is commercial & cost him some shekels, but it does what he needs it to do as an end user.
    (The others I tried were all jokes, at best.)

  7. No numlock for log ins.
    Ridiculous & absurd !! Why not just have numlockx included ??

  8. Also for that same friend=> using his HP printer via ethernet was n/g.
    No amount of tweaking that I tried got it working at its normal speed as it always had before, UNTIL...
    I connected it via parallel with its needed special HP-only cable and shared it that way, then all was back to normal.

  9. Built-in wifi in HP notebook PCs is totally ignored - in fact, most notebook built-in wifi options seem to be simply ignored.
    Buying a 3rd party wifi dongle does solve this, but seems excessive IMO.

  10. I have some (probably too silly) small things that are my sort of wish list items, but I think the 9 items I've put here are quite enough for a single thread - or maybe someone is going to tell me to post each one to its own thread, with LOTS of details, which I'd have to look up in my notes...
    (Yes, I did make notes of the solutions I found because they took ALOT of searching & digging to find & get working !!)

Thanks for any helpful pointers here !!

I deal with it using

AFAIK that's a matter of sheer luck

Never had a problem with HP printers. (Shrug)


Re: gripe number 9: See the following for probable solution -


where a procedure to troubleshoot wireless is posted.

Thanks for replying to my post !!
Excess (foreign) font situation:
I did try using the font manager - but examining & removing that many fonts is likely more than a full day's work - which I am not up for.
I did some searching & found that others have similar discomforts & that a couple of folks actually made scripts to solve...somewhat - meaning not ALL the useless & totally foreign fonts get removed, but its a start as I tested this and it did help a bit.

Wifi - just adding the dongle solves this, though it means using up a USB port.

Printing gripe:
The HP LJ 8000, when network connected with each driver listed gave the same results in printing documents from Libreoffice Writer - truly enormous delays that seemed to have no workaround, BUT=>
After making that same printer a parallel connected shared resource it sped up to about its prior, normal, very fast response with a single exception:
It seemed to slow down a bit after some hours of the workday & after printing several documents.

And that is how things stand right now...

Thanks also for this reply about the wifi !!
I originally did some searching by the various names & numbers associated with the notebooks and their in-built wifi adaptors - tried the suggested solutions, and never did find anything that worked.
Concluded thereby that it was indeed a krap shoot with the wifi - and that since all other h/w functions worked 100%, it was of greater value to use the dongle rather than endless amounts of my time & efforts to get the silly things working somehow.
In all other ways these HP branded notebook PCs were very Linux-friendly, which is why I was surprised that the wifi was pretty much excluded from working natively.

Hello computerguy

No. 6 - antivirus
I came to the same conclusion - ESET NOD 32 Antivirus for Linux - is currently the only anti-virus software I would recommend to a GNU/Linux user. I tried quite a few others, some for months.

The people at ESET seem to be doing a good job. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello computerguy

No. 2 - LibreOffice
You could switch to using the Appimage - that way you can be in control of the update frequency on your machine:


Hello computerguy

No. 8 - HP printer via ethernet
With HPLIP [1] I have not yet had problems. This also takes care of scanners in machines with combined printers/scanners.

[1] https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing


  • Give your network printer a fixed IP-address.

  • Do not try to install the printer via the Ubuntu-Mate printers dialogue, instead following a fresh install, run HPLIP. Find the printer by using its fixed IP-address.

Item 1:
Seems to be solved...
Made hidden autostart items visible & stopped it from starting that nasty thing anymore;
Added XFCE4-power-manager;
Stopped it from doing anything.
No more error messages at startup.

Item 2:
Getting the latest version of Libreoffice was only troublesome in that the incredibly older distro release version needed to be removed 1st;
What I asked was a 'why' rather than a 'how'...

Item 8:
I will try HPLIP when next I visit.
That printer has alway been set up with a fixed IP address & had always been incredibly quick to respond before the OS changes, so I hope there is a 'cure' in using HPLIP !!

Getting back to Item 8 now:
I tried HPLIP when I visited there and if anything it made things worse.
In fact, I went through every single option I could find to speed up that printer so it can be more like its usual speed - but nothing helped.

This is especially pronounced in printing PDFs.

That printer was always on a fixed IP address & now has the direct parallel cable instead, which did help a tiny bit.

Used to be that a print job was sent, the data light went for a second or 2, then it'd start spitting out that job 1 page right after the other...but now=>
The data light blinks for minutes at times, and it spits out a page...waits...then another...and so on.

The difference is really dramatic AND disturbing.

It is bad enough that even if some 3rd party s/w could be BOUGHT (GASP !!) to speed things up, it most likely would be gotten.

Any further useful clues will be greatly appreciated !?!