A few questions when adding the Mate Menu to top panel

I noticed that if I add the Mate menu as the default menu the icon changes. So question 1 is where can I find and replace the Mate menu icon with the Ubuntu-Mate icon? The second thing I noticed is if I search for wikipedia in the search bar it gives me a search with google option and if I select that it takes me online to wikipedia. How can I disable all online searches and just keep them local to either files or folders if I do a search?

For your question 1, the Mate Menu icon is called start-here.png and is found in /usr/share/icons/mate/<size>/places. There are several sizes that can be in place of <size>, like 22x22. Also, different icon themes have different start-here.png icons.

I think you would have to replace the existing icon with your new one. You only need to replace the size that your panel uses. Backup the existing icon in case you want to restore it.

But, no start-here icon on my Ubuntu MATE 14.04 matches the Ubuntu MATE logo, which has 3 wedges instead of one. Maybe you have one to use.

I will pass on the other questions.

Just a follow up. I missed it on my initial search: there is a genuine Ubuntu MATE icon in the Ambiant-MATE theme (also Radiant-MATE). It is located in:


and the file name is start-here.svg

This is the only one a search turned up for me. So, you could use it as a replacement. Note that it was in the apps folder, not the places folder like the other start-heres.

Thanks, I was trying to replace the distributor-logo.png in places so that’s why that never worked.