A huge thank you! - I'm loving Ubuntu again!

Hey guys,

Just want to say a massive thanks to the UbuntuMATE team and community that is driving this in general!!

I just want to say that I’m loving using Linux again. Over the last couple of years I’ve hated the recent changes in Unity and Gnome3 (maybe I’m old school) but I think UbuntuMATE is awesome, I can have a rock solid development platform that runs super fast and in my opinion looks better and more productive to work with.

Thanks again all, definitely my desktop distro for a long time to come!!



What he said… :grinning:

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Me too, fall in love with UbuntuMate at the first try.

I have been working with Linux for over 10 years. Was using Linuxmint mate. Why I jump into Ubuntu Mate? Let’s say mint can run, but ubmate can fly.

The only thing I changed is move the top panel down to the bottom, and keep only one to save room for the desktop, even though I have 27-inch monitor :grin:


Yes ! :grinning:

Thanks so much

I love everything about Ubuntu-Mate !