A Perfect Mate to tempt me back

Dear Mate Devs.
I recently switched to Gnome to get the ibus working. It works with the custom Pāḷi Keyboard which typed that work just now. I prefer Mate though.
I hope to come back. There is a display bug in Anki with Gnome and Mint according to Anki support.
Mate (believe it or not) had way better touch support, and gnome was supposedly best in touch support.
Gnome has a delay before touch kicks in on my Acer.
The rest is the same as Mate.
Mate has the nice delay for the touchpad to interfere with typing (thanks). Gnome does not have it.
Gnome took up way too much real-estate space on my 11" screen and I needed to install pixel saver.
Gnome does not switch well by keystrokes between multiple instances of the same app (writer open twice, two shells, etc).
Gnome… has a beautiful dark theme and messages. That is just about the only thing I like.
Mate has an awesome feedback system (this community)

Appreciation deserved!
Nice Job Devs!!!

So if Synapse and Ibus works. I would likely come back. I will likely move to Ubuntu during school break. probably the 16.10 release. (Myanmar semester)
I am also hoping that something can be done to get HUD working with MATE without a hack.

If you add to this, please let me know.
Synapse needs to be fully integrated with the ubuntu key and Mate desktop and all the bugs worked out. Mate needs to take ownership of it as its own. It is so essential. Need to remove the known ibus conflicts too.

Lastly, Ubuntu in general does not have a refresh key for wifi. It is so easy to make a shell script. I hope you can add it.

Do you mean IBus, the input method framework? I use fcitx for typing with Chinese characters.

What do you mean?

The HUD was taken down only temporarily as the first code didn't pan out well. 16.10 will most definitely include a working HUD, according to all that is being said. It is still being worked on, but just removed for now so that it doesn't introduce unnecessary stability issues on the current 16.10 beta.

HUD on 16.10 ! I am very happy!

To answer the question. Yes, it is the input bus for a custom keyboard. I just could not get it to work with Pāḷi keyboard like I can in Gnome. (I am a monk and really need it).
I just could not get IBUS and Synapse to work together. There is a known bug and many hacky fixes. Google the two together with launchpad.

It is likely a conflict with the control space. Even if you switch the shortcuts, it does not work well.
But I think it is something else. It seems that dev is not dependent on both and does not care so much.

Again… Mate is just so responsive (to people as a community) I think that is why people like it so much.

The other question…was about owning Synapse.
I meant Mate should own Synapse (as a fork) and have a proper launcher built into the super key that does not conflict with other things… like ibus.
It is a fair complaint and Mate is near to owning it anyway.

I am really happy to hear about HUD. The hack version supposedly does not work well with LibreOffice… which is what needs HUD. and I do not like to install outside, github code.

A Gnome user talking like this on a Mate board… that’s funny. Like I am so loyal to Gnome ?

Small correction: according to Wimpy's statement on the blog, it's been pushed back to 17.04.


Sad to hear about the HUD correction. It must be complex. Looks like ubuntu for the next rev. But I will keep an Eye out.
HUD has been out for years, but only now has it been demanded by other wm users.

Also… while you have time to get me back, figure out how to take the Gnome dark theme look from the tweak (with pixel view… to make it more Mate-size). Really nice looking. It feels so modern.

Ok. I tried HUD on a USB. Cool but not the Holy Grail. Perhaps they can do voice menu adaptation with HUD one day (speech recognition is probably easy with a limited set).

But any way. let me know the progress of the Synapse and IBus thing. This is an absolute must.
In short, Gnome theme of windows looks the coolest of any distro, but everything else is bad. Like a good tasting fish, with too many bones to be worth the trouble.

Is there are reason why Gnome looks so cool in the tweked dark theme?
Can Mate do that too? or is a modern theme sort of against Mate philosophy.? since it was a retro-desktop. I like the mate and the way Mate is evolving.