A question of image sizes backing up 20.04LTS to SSD with Clonezilla

Yesterday [07/14 did a BU and its sze concerned me as the BU on 07/9 was 1.4GB smaller. [19.4 to 20.8]. There were minor updates in interim.

I reloaded my BU from 07/08 [19.2GB], did update today 0o6h30 which was 19.04 GB near expected size. (not 20.08GB!!!)

Only the system file was inflated.
Was I hacked?

Over the past 2 years I find anomalies, especially when I run Deluge over night.

Maybe your computer caught COVID-19. :wink:

No, more seriously, you didn't install new software, did you?

My suggestion is to search on your filesystem for any files modified in the last 7 days and print their sizes (Note: What is your partitioning scheme? If your /usr directory is on a separate filesystem, then replace the / below with /usr, but if you don't know what I'm talking about, then use the lower command):

find / -xdev -mtime -7 -printf "File \`%p':  Modified / created on %T+, size %s bytes\n"

For your privacy, please do not show me any of your personal files that have been modified, just the ones you don't recognize. Thank you.