A thousand thanks to the moderators, but ... would it be possible to improve this aspect?

First of all, thank the attention of moderators, collaborators and helpers who make the Ubuntu community one of the most valued in the linux environment in general, not only in the Ubuntu world. My sincerest congratulations. But:

I think it would be very helpful if the "Solution" option was more encouraged to the questioners, especially by the moderators. I'm aware of the work that all their tasks give, but recently I met several people who create topics, especially who are not regulars of Ubuntu Mate, who do not mark the correct answers as "Solution". This goes a long way towards preferably facilitating the topics you are looking for to speed up your search.
Curiously, these same people know this function, even on some occasions they have "self-marked" a solution and that it is not exactly a solution as such.

Well, this is not the real question in fact, but people helping in community (everyone according to his knowledge) do so completely free and selflessly. It is not my case at all, but I have seen very long answers, very complex, very hard to answer, that have amazed me and do not receive anything at all, nor "solution", nor a simple heart (like), not even thanks. Others yes, which is very nice for everyone.

No criticism, this is not entirely fair. People should be more thanked for appreciating the effort, especially those who know the most and spend the most time, for example activating a pop-up or refreshing the idea that "hey, possibly we are trying hard to solve your problems, please help us improve our website. Don't forget to rate and mark as "solution"!". I think that's the filosophy of open-source (or what should be). For my part, I begin by thanking the moderators and regulars.

Solving doubts is free, but giving thanks and help improving is also.

Thanks friends!


Good idea. @UbuntuMATE Is there an option/hook in the site's s/w to display this message (in a way similar to the other 'green panel' notifications) when and only when the OP accesses a/the post?

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Bump. Or should I rasie a bug/enanchment reprot? If so where?