About fonts for KMail

good afternoon.
The Ubuntu MATE 15.10 has to prepare a virtual machine and then install it in Oracle VM VirtualBox.
We use KMail e-mail software.
I want to install fonts for KMail.
What can I install the fonts, if you have person there you know, thank you for your professor.
Thank you.

I’m not sure what fonts you are looking for. If you mean the application doesn’t look right, then it’s bound to be due to a KDE application running on a non-KDE environment (MATE), but the packages for the font should be installed if they are necessary.

If you are looking to install fonts for use in KMail, you can easily install any font file by double clicking them or by placing them in ~/.fonts.

The only package I can find in synaptic for KDE is the following:

sudo apt-get install fonts-oxygen

Oxygen font family

Desktop/gui font family for integrated use with the KDE desktop.

The basic concept for Oxygen Font is to design a clear, legible, sans serif font which would be rendered with Freetype on Linux-based devices. In addition a bold weight, plus regular and bold italics, and a monospace version will be made.

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Thank you for your reply.
We ran what we have to your teachings, but the problem did not improve.
Thank you.

I received your reply, Thank you very much.
Thank you in the future.