Accidental deletion of Panel

I accidentally deleted my panel, not just the items in the panel, but the actual panel. No menus, clock, network icon etc. The only thing on my screen was my home folder.

I tried all manner of things to get it back via the terminal, but couldn’t. I ended up reinstalling Ubuntu-MATE. This was not a major setback, as it was a new installation and not many programs had been installed. In addition, the /home folder is on a separate disk, so these were not at risk during the new install and the install was to a SSD, so it was quick.

I would however, like to know whether it is possible to get the panel back and if so, how.

What version of Ubuntu MATE? If 15.10 or 16.04 open MATE Tweak and go the the Interface section. There you can switch panel layouts. Switch to any layout, then back to your preferred layout and the defaults will be restored.

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It’s 15.10, Martin.
How do I open MATE Tweak from terminal. No menus to select it from!
Thanks for this quick answer.

Hope this helps type mate-tweak then press enter.

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Really helpful people on this community. Nice :smile: