Add app to internet menu

Hello all, it’s me again. I have another question, as I was exploring my system last night. I install Google Chrome, and Mozilla Thunderbird, and noticed that those two apps are not in the Internet menu. I am using ubuntu mate 21.04 with Orca screen reader, thanks to help from the squash. Is there an accessible, or keyboard friendly way to add these apps to the Internet menu for easy access? Thanks much again, and have a good evening.



look at /usr/share/applications for files with names like "crome.desktop" or "thunderbird.desktop" or such.
These are the items of the menu.
Check the "Categories" line of the relevant file. This entry controls in which section this application should be displayed.
See this for the categories A. Registered Categories

Manual : Desktop Menu Specification


I have noticed that sometimes, you must log out, then log back in, before newly-installed applications will appear in the menus. Try that, and tell us if that works.