Adding Caja to Panel

On 22.04.2 using the Redmond desktop layout, how can I add a shortcut to caja in the Panel area immediately to the right of the Menu:
Screenshot at 2023-03-02 19-12-38

I can add it to the part of the Panel that includes the Window List but I want it to the left of that with the Firefox shortcut.

Thank you.

The Firefox icon is likely locked in place. Right-click on the Firefox icon and deselect "Lock to Panel". Now you should be able to move any icon you add to the panel to the left of it.


Thanks for the reply.
I tried that but I'm just not able to move Caja any more to the left than this:
Screenshot at 2023-03-02 19-36-26

Are they two different parts of the Panel?

It looks like there is something (maybe collapsed) between the Firefox icon and the Caja icon. Try right-clicking that space between the two. You may be able to unlock that as well, then try moving the Caja icon one more space to the left.

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Thank you. I think what is stopping it is the Window List item in the Panel.
At a guess I need to remove it, move caja to the left, then re-add it.
Problem now is that I can't seem to remove the Window List from the panel.

You could try moving the caja icon to the right so you can see the Window List.

  1. Open Firefox or some other application so that you can see the left edge of the Window List.
  2. Right-click just to the left of where the Window list begins and see if the context menu that appears contains a check mark and "Lock to Panel".
  3. Select it to uncheck the lock.

Once you have done that, you will be able to move the List and the Caja icon where you want them.

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Thank you. :+1:
The trick was finding that small bit of space that activates the panel menu when you right click rather than the application menu.