Advanced MATE Menu not working

I can't use the advanced Matu Menu because no app is showing. Here is a photo of the screen:

(Unfortunately I can't take a screenshot, the Menu hides when doing it)
I will be happy if anyone can help me. Thank you for your attention.

Welcome to the Ubuntu MATE Community, @josulas. It might be helpful if you confirm which release of Ubuntu MATE you are using. (20.04, 20.10, 21.04?) I'm assuming that it's 20.04?

I see from your photo that you have the menu open and have selected the "Lugares" (Places) tab within the menu. There are two other tabs. "Aplicaciones" (Applications) and "Favoritos" (Favorites). Have you tried selecting the Applications tab? You should see (or be able to search for) "screen shot" or "captura..." or any other app from there.

If you've already tried that, please let us know in your response.

I'm Using Ubuntu Mate 20.04. I have not selected anything yet in this picture. This is the menu as displayed when clicking on it. I apologize I didn't make a more detailed description. The apps must be shown below the Application title, but they don't. The search isn't working also.
More, there are no problems with the Menu's config, because the normal Menu is working. And last, some other things are crashed too. For example, I can't switch to the notebook panel in the Mate Tweak options. I've to say that all of these issues started after installed Anaconda, but I don't think that is the source.

Today I upgraded Ubuntu and the error was fixed.

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