Aggressive Reaction to ARP

as I often do check out and try different packages I went down the arp rabbit hole and discovered a mean little package named "arping" and when installing it becomes very unreasonable and just a tad to aggressive for me to complete the install.
I'm not sure the trade off is worth the install what do you think?

Hello Blank

Is your concern about meta-packs?

No, the problem to me is the removing of

just to install this tiny little package. I don’t know why I would wan’t to do that.
Is that not a bit over the edge?

I think this would completely destroy my OS once rebooted.

Ubuntu-mate-core and ubuntu-mate-desktop are meta-packs.

And their are a lot of packages that trigger meta-package removal. Example:

Remove any “depends” package and the meta-pack will be removed.

Thanks v3xx for the explanation and the new knowledge.
I just amused the worst! or maybe it’s just me being cautious, and thinking my cpu will explode into a billion pieces if I pressed the Red Button!

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Nope, the operator will always explode first :grin:

Later :wave: