Alert windows always appears to back screen, how to move to front?

Hi Guys,
I’ve been running Ubuntu mate for a couple of weeks after running ubuntu 8.04 for over ten years!
Im noticing that if I try to download something, the alert window asking where to save it always appears behind the main screen rather than popping to the front like every other OS does. Is there a setting in Mate where I can force it to appear in front?
Otherwise Im finding the switch to Mate pretty painless. Its nice to have all the latest versions of programs again, goodbye Firefox 37!

It could be caused by the window manager, which one are you using? (This can be found in MATE Tweak.)

The solution may depend if it’s Marco or Compiz. :slight_smile:

Which program is causing it? Does it happen to other programs too?

Default theme and desktop on Ubuntu Mate 16.04, it does it on all programs.

HI @startreksteve,

have you run a full system update?:

Full update, first thing I did after install.

HI @startreksteve,

are you talking about downloads via a web browser (FireFox maybe), or are they system downloads?. :smiley:

Its any alert box, downloads, open torrents, anything with a box requiring
you to do something

Try your guest session, see if its also affected.

Interesting, the guest session opens up a dialog box as it should on top of the browser, any ideas?


Try resetting dconf in your home folder.


Rename the “user” file (something like “user.old”) and reboot.

You’re not going to believe this… it seems to have fixed itself!
Maybe the last update did it…
Thanks for your advice anyway…