Alternative to ssmtp to send emails

I used to use ssmtp to send emails to my yahoo email address.

However, both Yahoo and Gmail removed the ability to be able to ALLOW LESS SECURE APPS TO ACCESS EMAIL which stopped ssmtp from working. (ssmtp: Authorization failed (535 5.7.0 (#AUTH005) Too many bad auth attempts.)

Is there any other way to accomplish my task?

Surely there is a way other than having to use a web browser.

I believe Google still allows less secure apps. Maybe you need to turn it back on.

I did so.
When I ran my script, I got

Sending email via SSMTP.
ssmtp: Authorization failed (535 5.7.8 y23sm3951823otk.10 - gsmtp)

I assume you turned on less secure app access and that you used the correct password? Otherwise, I don't know.

I don't have the answer, but are you using an e-mail client, and which one? Did you set up your own mail server? I think answering those questions could help.


I decided to just stick to using my browser for sending emails.

I had a similar problem using the Ubuntu Mate Thunderbird. I switched the Ubuntuzilla version and it solved my problem. It might work for you too if you want to give it a try. I have also installed Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Seamonkey from here. I have had very good results with Ubuntuzilla software. It tends to update sooner than the default apps.

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Sorry, I didn't understand the difference between sstmp and stmp. Glad it solved your problem. A search brought up a tutorial for anyone that is interested in sstmp.

sSMTP: A simple alternative to Sendmail