An addition to the next LTS

Hi Wimpy,

I total love your OS. It’s beautiful mate (no pun intended). However, In the next LTS release can you include a citrix install in your software boutique? It would help tremendously.

Please follow the guidelines from this thread to propose software for integration in the Boutique:


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@ouroumov, since Citrix Receiver does not comply with the guidelines for boutique submission where do you think the best place would be to raise the question of installation help or an alt distro that may be more appropriate for the use of this program. My company offers a web portal so I can access my desktop from that but it does not allow me to utilize my dual screens so it is not optimal.

Hi @jco42
You can raise the question in the “Support and Help Requests” category of this forum.
That Citrix can’t make it into the Software Boutique doesn’t mean it can’t be installed.
The boutique is a restricted subset of installable software.

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