Analog Video Capture With Ubuntu MATE

I have a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1955 video capture device that Hauppauge advertises as Linux-compatible ( According to Hauppauge, the drivers are for 14.04 and kernel 3.19. Very outdated to say the least. I’ve reached out to their support to see if this is even relevant now. This issue is not specific to Ubuntu MATE but since I’m hammering Hauppauge support, waiting for a response from them I figured I’d bounce this off the vast and awesome Ubuntu MATE community and see if anything comes back. I read through this board and am just in awe of how nice everyone is and how much information is available here. I’m also, in general, just curious about anyone’s analog video capturing success with any other capture devices and techniques. I’m open to replacing the 1955 if there’s been more easily-obtainabe success with something else.

I’ll be watching this thread closely as well cos I just got hold of second hand Hauppauge Satellite capture card and have yet to install it

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Cool. Hauppauge looks to be “iffy” on Linux support. I hope it works out. I’m sad to say that there is not a ton of Linux support out on the intewebs when it comes to analog video capture.