Another new Ubuntu MATE user

I have a Lenovo yoga 300 with 4GB ram. Not my only machine but I have tried many many distros on it and all have had appalling performance issues, until I installed ubuntu MATE 21.04 on it. This was right about the time it was released. Its been on here ever since and looks likely to remain for quite some time.

I was a big fan of Ubuntu when Gnome 2 was the state of the art back in the Karmic Koala days so this is a big of a revisit really. Though I have to say these days MATE is a big improvement over anything out those days. When Gnome 3 came out I moved to KDE and ran Kubuntu, Mepis and Manjaro for quite a while. I only moved back to Gnome 3 after Pop OS came out.

My main laptop runs Fedora 34 and runs Gnome 40 a treat but then with 8 cores and 64GB RAM it ought. I've been running Linux since I installed Suse off a single CD back in the early 2000s.

Anyway I've gone a little off topic, I just wanted to stand up and be counted as another Ubuntu MATE user and comment that I believe this to be the best Ubuntu release these days.


Nice commentary. I think Ubuntu’s Mate is rock solid. Don’t forget 21.04 is an interim release with support for only 9 months. 21.10 comes out sometime in the next 1-2 weeks and Is also good for 9 months. The Long Term Support release comes out in April 2022 with about 3 years of support. Welcome to Ubuntu Mate. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t3::ok_hand:t2:


The thing missing from Ubuntu-Mate for me is an integrated night-light function. With Redshift becoming problematic with the last interim release, I've also installed the Ubuntu-Budgie desktop to use if I'm going to be online into the small hours.

Other than that, Ubuntu-Mate stands up to other linux releases with ease.


I'm on Ubuntu Mate 21.10 and even though a little slower than the LTS. Very impressed with the stability.

Thank you Devs.

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