Another odd graphic issue

Graphics board works only on Display Port (DP)but not on DVI

VGA monitor (1280 x 1024) with AMD Radeon 7570 graphics card
DP out and DVI out. When I use the DP the picture looks great, and I'm happy...

But if I use the DVI out then I get vertical grey bands ( inch thick) across the screen behind the "picture". Very Annoying.

I am now using a DP > VGA cable for my vga monitor, I also have a DVI > VGA cable I used once before when everything worked fine. I am using the same graphics board, same monitor, same everything, etc. except for : a) the DVI converter cable or b) the DVI connector on the board.

Everything worked fine on either port before...I was messing around with different settings and not sure if I caused it? I just don't understand why one port would work and not the other?
Or is it just my bad luck something actually broke on the board/connectors/cabling while I was playing around?

I need the DP > VGA cable for another PC I want to upgrade. If I can use the DVI > VGA cable, then I would have a "spare".

Thanks in advance for all responses!

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to all, :santa:

Based on your description, it sounds like some electrical interference which may be caused by bad connection. In that case it could be either your cable or the DVI output socket.

Best to check the following things first:

  1. Try to make sure that the cable is OK by checking it on another setup or by changing the cable.
  2. Check if any pins on the DVI cable, or any holes in the DVI socket, are corroded.
    since it is a DVI-I to VGA cable, only the small group of 4 pins are used.
  3. Check if the solderjoints of the DVI socket on the videocard are OK.

b.t.w. do things change if you select another refreshrate or 'wiggle' a bit with the connector ?

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