Another Patreon Goal?

I was thinking about what would be another financial goal that the UM project might have. Being so far removed from the internal workings I can say I have no idea. I’ll be joining the Pateron at months end just too support but it would “feel” better knowing that I brought UM closer to some goal.

Can I have that false since of accomplishment? :smile:

How about a community outreach to those who suffer from Unity and Gnome 3 fatigue? Maybe somekind of reheb center for them.


to funny sir, had me rolling.

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Jim says: “Hi my name is Jim, I use Unity :expressionless: .”

All: “Hi Jim :expressionless:.”

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Someone has to care for those poor people. Imagine if someone was using Ubuntu 8.10 and they suddenly time-jumped to Ubuntu 15.04 Unity. The won't know what to do, but put MATE infront of them and they might just survive. That would be a great video to promote UM. I mught just work on something like that. :grinning: One I get everythine esle done.