Any interest on a PowerBook ram slot fix tutorial?

Just ordered a replacement logic board for my PowerBook G4 as I am going to attempt a fix on it next weekend. So the new board is just for backup. It is a common problem with these computers that the lower ram slot (the one closest to the logic board) “fails” but this typically means that the soldering points have broken and make a bad connection due to the excessive heat that is generated by the G4 CPU. It is possible to fix it by resoldering these points. Was wondering if there was any interest in either a video or step by step ifixit/instructable style tutorial for this as Ubuntu MATE is now supporting PPC and I see a lot of people on G+ talking about purchasing a PPC Mac to help test it.

Sounds ideal for Tips, Tricks and Tutorials to me :slight_smile:

That it does forgot that section existed -.- Just want to see if there is interest in it before I invest the time to put a video together.

Go for it! My favourite laptop ever is the 12-inch G4 Powerbook. My original one died when I lent it to my brother to take to Egypt. With Mate support on PPC a thing, I’m tempted to scrounge around for another.

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I too have the notorious lower ram slot problem on my PowerBook G4. According to your post, it is possible to fix this by resoldering the joints. I wonder if using a heat gun to reflow/ melt the solder , causing it to ‘bind’ together agin would be the solution. If so, to what extent should I heat the ram slots until the joint melts? What was your method to fix the problem? Looking forward for your reply.

Sorry for the huge delay but the project failed unfortunately.