Any thoughts on making the cursor bigger?


As I am starting to use Ubuntu Mate at various schools and I was wondering how easy it is to enlarge the Ubuntu mate cursor for certain programs (like SCRATCH) that would work better on a digital OHP screen. The current curso, looks fine on my own laptop - but tends to be too small on usual less tha wonderful school digital OHP screens. Really I am looking for a Cursor enlargement utility rather than a hack. I tend NOT to use the On screen magnifier but the (third party) VMG enlarger, which works for me. Still any help with making that cursor bigger (as an option for those displaying on a school OHP would be very handy to have in the toolbox at a future Ubuntu mate update.


You can enlarge the mouse cursor in Appearance settings → Theme tab → Customize… button → Pointer tab → Size (at the bottom of the window).


Thanks for that elcste. That solves the problem. Looks quite nice too!
Amazingly and easy to do. ta!