AnyDesk for Software Boutique

I am running MATE 16.04 and am a fairly new user to Linux. I use the Software Boutique quite frequently because never quite sure how to install without it. I have several systems on my network and frequently accessed them using Team Viewer but lately I find Any Desk is more to my liking. Not sure if possible but would like to see it in the Software Boutique. I think this is a great program and would be used by many of the user community.

For a program to be added to the software boutique it has to have a Personal Package Archive (PPA).

AnyDesk doesn’t have one. It is a direct download. So, for that reason alone AnyDesk cannot be added to the Software Boutique.

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Thanks for checking into this for me. Too bad it can’t be added because it is a great program.

You could write to them, refer to this forum post and request a PPA or a snap package (which allows cross-platform installation of software). It is a big company and they should have enough resources to maintain one. The more people do this, the easier software installation will become and we as Ubuntu MATE users will have a wider range of software available in the Software Boutique. @Don_in_Vermont