Anyone know how to change theme colors?

looking to change theme colors but its different then cinnamon, I have made i few for cinnamon but cant find info on changing colors for MATE. any info would help Thank You.

Go to "System/Preferences/Appearance" in your system menu

Go to the "Customize" button on your Appearances dialog box.

It will look like this:

Inside there, you can change the colour as well as other variables of many aspects of your current theme.

I am talking about going into the files to modify them. I made some for cinnamon but the files in MATE are different and i dont get where the colors numbers are.


Sorry, I misunderstood.

I’m not for sure, if I understand your question correctly? But could add a new theme like numix to your system a solution for you?

I could be wrong, but i think gnome colour chooser allows for after the fact, on the fly colour changes to various aspects of your system

You’ll find it in the software centre

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this program might work… Thank You !