AppArmor question - how to block files to be created by a program


I created a private Opera-Jail in RAM-tmp with FireJail+AppArmor.

I deleted:

Network Action Predictor
Network Action Predictor-journal

Every time when I start Opera-Jail, Opera re-create these 2 files.

I added to my Opera AppArmor profile these lines:

deny "/path-to-Opera-Jail/.config/opera/NetworkActionPredictor" rwx,
audit deny "/path-to-Opera-Jail/.config/opera/NetworkActionPredictor" rwx,

deny "/path-to-Opera-Jail/.config/opera/NetworkActionPredictor-journal" rwx,
audit deny "/path-to-Opera-Jail/.config/opera/NetworkActionPredictor-journal" rwx,

This does not work, Opera re-create the 2 files again.

Is there a way to block with AppArmor Opera to re-create the 2 files I added in
my AppArmor Opera profile?