Applications menu icon

At the top left where the applications menu is. Does anyone know how to change that icon? I am using the numix circle theme and it gives me what looks like 4 red wings start here icon. I would like to change it.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


Hi !
"Mate menu" can be change as the picture show bellow, but i am not sure for the defaut menu.
Witch one are you using ? Could you give a picture of the desktop ?

In case > right clik next to the menu > preference > load icon you like (must be about 28 x 28 pixels size)

I was speaking about the default menu that it comes with out the box. Although I might just think about switching over to the mate menu instead, if there is no easy way to do this. I have done some research and I cannot find anything that will help me on this topic. So that is why I posted here.

I use the old icon, I've found it in an old release of Numix theme in GitHub. Perhaps this helps:


Hi @linuxuser2342,

does this help?:

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I did try this but does not work for me.

Hi @acutbal,

can you please explain how you did it so it helps @linuxuser2342?, thanks!. :thumbsup:

With working with this for a little bit. I believed I figured it out. I used dconf editor and pointed it to the image I wanted to use. You can see in the image below. I will write up a tutorial on what i did.


good play !!
I tried, without succes, looks like icons cannot load properly …

in dconf I went to /org/mate/panel/menubar and on icon-name switched it to the icon name I wanted.

did you have to type the path?


No i did not type the path. I just specified the icon name without any file extension on it.


Excellent, just tried that myself with another png file in there (start-here-gnome) and it worked like a treat!

I am using faenza-dark icons and so the place where the icons are is:


So, I could put any icon in there and presumably call it up from dconf.

nice work.

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That is correct, It took me some time to figure this out.

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Or it was possible to set it by the icon theme, whether it’s locally in your home folder or system-wide.

The path for the image is:

/..../<image folder>/apps/22/start-here.svg

I have not tried that.

Also I was looking for a solution to this problem, when you change a theme or icon, I can not change the icon of the menu.
Thanks for the help.