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Topics ideal if you are brand new to the world of Linux and Ubuntu MATE.


Topics related to the installation of Ubuntu MATE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Topics that answer frequently asked questions of common subjects.



Topics relating to the background and general look and feel of your computer.

Panels & Menus

Topics related to the panels -- the bars (or docks) at the corners of your screen.

Pick n' Mix

Topics that involve replacing software with other components from other desktop environments or Linux distributions.

:warning: Warning! These guides involve replacing important parts of your system, which could cause a loss of functionality or instability. Please backup and use with caution!


You can change this in MATE Tweak. Older hardware may not have some options available.

Marco (Default)

This window manager composites using your CPU. On some systems, this can cause screen tearing.

Compiz (Fancy Effects)

This window manager composites with your GPU. You can change this option in MATE Tweak, however older hardware and some graphic cards may not be compatible with this option.


Software & How-tos

Topics that offer assistance installing and customising certain types of software.


Topics that involve changing parts of your system.



Topics that prepare you to use Ubuntu MATE on your Raspberry Pi.

Common Questions and Guides

While Ubuntu MATE may look and feel the same, its underlying architecture is different. Here are topics that apply specifically for the Raspberry Pi.

Tip: Raspberry Pi 3 is armhf, whereas desktop computers are i386 (for 32-bit) or amd64 (for 64-bit). This is apparent when obtaining software and seeing if it is compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

Interesting Projects and Ideas

Looking for inspiration? Here's what your Pi can do with Ubuntu MATE.

With Windows

With Mac
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BIOS vs. UEFI Booting
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