Are there differences between Ubuntu MATE and standard Ubuntu?

Do you know any differences between Ubuntu MATE and standard Ubuntu?

The entire desktop environment. That is to say, the vast majority of that which the vast majority of users directly interact with.

As for the underlying Ubuntu base. They are the same.

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As stevecook172001 says the underlying base is the same. So security, update frequency etc. stays at the Ubuntu standard.

The Mate desktop is lighter on your computer’s resources. This means that on a given computer it will apper to react faster than vanilla Ubuntu and on an older, low specification, computer it has a better chance of running in “useable” condition than vanilla Ubuntu.

The “Welcome” screen/service walks a newcomer through all the finishing touches required to make the installation complete and ready to use. It also provides four “buttons” to repair installations that have somehow developed “problems” (things aren’t working the way they should any more).

The “Software Boutique” provides a good selection of “best of class” programmes that work well, and work well with Ubuntu-Mate. One of the biggest hurdles for people starting to use Linux personal computers for the first time is finding the “right” (for them) programmes to get the job done. The way the Software Boutique is set up (some use of specific ppa packages) also ensures that at least some of those programmes receive updates more rapidly than waiting for the updates to arrive in the main software repositories.

I personally see no reason to use any other distribution, at least for personal use.
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In a mixed (windoze servers, linux client(s)) environment openSuse may provide somewhat better out-of-the-box connectivity than the Ubuntu base does. However, I expect everyone’s mileage will vary on that last point.