ATI r300 3D not working

When I installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on my 12’ mid-2005 iBook G4 it worked great after I added in radeon.agpmode=-1 to the boot parameters. However, I’m still unable to use 3d and I only get 2d acceleration. Are there any patched debs like with Debian or is there another fix?

Hi @pa8600,

check out the info here:

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It doesn’t mention anything about the R300 problem.
It’s mentioned here, but the patched files are only for an older distro, is there a similar fix for 16.04?

Hi @pa8600,

sorry but I really don’t know as I have no idea about how PPC works!. :frowning:

just a stoopid question: what do you Need 3D for on a RV300?

For 3d games like Q3A and other programs that take advantage of video acceleration.

hmmm, just Play Q3A on ibook OSX-Partition?! :wink:

sorry, don´t know how to solve this - seems, old Apple PPC´s are not really supported out of the box, you have to fiddle with kernel patching and compiling Software and so on, to make things work.

Sad, but true…