Ati Radeon HD6870 only 256mb gmemory?

Hi, checking my son’s MacPro 1,1 with System Profiler, since i have white and yellow stripes in the boot splash i see that the Graphic Card (Ati Radeon HD6870) which has nominally 1024 mb of memory, is read as a 256mb memory Graphic Card, running lspci the memory capability is not displayed.
There is some hint to be sure and eventually fix this?

Hi Alessandro,

have all the updates been done?. :smiley:

Hi wolfan, i checked and i can say that’s upgraded, now it runs 14.06.4, kernels are the last, purged all the older ones,
since i tried many unsure ways, can you suggest me the way to come back to the Ubuntu main drive without a new reinstall of the system?
Strolling the web i see that with macs the installs are not that clean at all, some issue can be fixed, other are a pain in the…
example the wifi, but i don’t want to give up, i like to try so i can learn more.
Thanks a lot for your kind support.

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Hi Alessandro,

I am not quite sure what you mean by the above statement?, what type of partition layout do you have?, by that I mean do you have a separate root and home partition?, if you do, you can do an install and keep your data intact if you follow the guide below, you will still have to re-install your apps but your data will be intact if you do it right!: