Audio and cameras not working on Lenovo miix 320-10icr

I'm glad I found this forum. I've just stripped Win10 off my wife's Miix320 as it was taking 20Gb (yes, not a typo) of a 24Gb SSD. I'd already created symbolic links to a large SD card to make O365 think it was installing to C, but finally we gave up on the slow response, frequent "low storage" messages and other related issues. I found that Pop!_20.10 ran from ISO with no issues and screen rotation worked "out of the box" while "Mint" wouldn't rotate. The only issues are mic and camera, but she'll live with that as the tablet is faster with Linux and there are equivalent apps or ported versions for what she needs.

If anyone has a solution for the mic and cameras then that would be great, but not holding my breath.

I use the same computer. But I couldn't find the solution to that problem either. I'm using Elementarry OS. The whole world is wondering if the solution is found. :rofl: :smiley: :joy:

Just upgraded to latest Pop!_OS. Still no joy with mic and camera, but they have a docking launchpad now. Loving it!

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Necro'd this post to report my findings. I got a Lenovo MIIX 320 from colleague, as he was trying to help a friend re-install Windows. No dice, I decided to install Ubuntu and make the 2-in-1 work to some extent, avoiding e-waste.

In the Live ISO, everything worked. Yet after installing camera and audio refused to work. I can't find anything to make the camera work. However, I did find a way to enable the internal speakers and microphone. Kudos to people at Debian wiki:

For sound to work, the module snd_hmdi_lpe_audio has to be blacklisted. Create a conf file under /etc/modprobe.d/, for example:

sudo touch /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-audio.conf
sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-audio.conf

Add the following line:
blacklist snd_hmdi_lpe_audio

Restart your system, and audio will work again. I suspect that the cameras also need the same treatment, however I cannot find the correct modules to blacklist.

My system was Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

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Welcome @sorat0mo to the community!

I could be wrong, but I think when you wrote snd_hmdi_lpe_audio, yo should have written snd_hdmi_lpe_audio.

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I ran into the same issue on a Lenovo MIIX 300 IBY - even after doing a factory reset from the manufacturer's hard drive partition - no audio or camera. This won't help with linux, but it will allow you to fix the windows installation. Do a factory reset. Go to device manager, and delete each processor - reboot. On the reboot it finds the hardware and drivers. Crazy - I know, but it works.

@gordon my bad, typo
@jmarkus the problem with installing Windows was the device screen gets distorted in the install screen, making progressing impossible. The same iso and usb stick works just fine on my desktop computer. So it probably is device issue.

The Windows OS install files are on the ideapad in a hidden partition on the hard drive. Unless you wiped the drive of all partitions for the linux install. To reset to factory original state follow this page. Even then I had to do what I posted earlier to fix audio and sound.