Audio Mixing Question - UM 22.04.3

I am happily using stock UM 22.04 for an assortment of tasks, but there is a new one that I would like to tackle. I am asking for some advice before plunging in. Here it is. -

I use Jitsi to coordinate/host some small video meetings of from 5-10 people. I would like to be able to mix the sound from a video (not on YouTube) with sound from my mic (a usb-connected mic). That is, I would like my mic and the sound from the video to go out to attendees, who see the video via screen sharing. I am familiar with rudimentary use of pulse audio, but I suspect that I need to learn something like alsamixer or pipewire in order to pull this off.

Can anyone here suggest a tutorial that I should read/watch to get me started?

Thanks very much.

It seems to be possible to do that completely in pulseaudio alone, although it involves a bit of work.
It is discussed here:


Thanks much! I'll give this a try.

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