Audio Noise through USB Audio Interface via Powered USB HUB

Hi All - I’m new here - and I really have NO IDEA where to post this - and if this is the wrong place - please forgive me, and please let me know.

FIRST - Let me say - THANK YOU for porting UbuntuMATE to Raspberry Pi2!! I LOVE IT! It’s HANDS DOWN the BEST looking and functioning Desktop Linux OS for RPI2 available - IMHO - Well done ALL!!
Ok, on to the probably wrongly categorized question -

I am a Media guy, and I LOVE Raspberry Pi2 - and now, I’m a huge fan of UbuntuMATE - So, I couldn’t resist trying to try getting a DAW to work on this beautiful combination.

I got Audacity installed and working, no problems there.

But natually the RPi2 can’t power my Focusrite Scarlett SOLO by itself, so I plugged it in through a Powered USB HUB, and it detected it immediately, plays desktop sounds out perfectly.

My issue comes when I try to record through Audacity - it records a HORRIBLE noise at FULL LEVEL - no matter if the mic is plugged in, or Phantom Power is turned on or not -

Without the SOLO connected, Audacity records clean (ZERO LEVEL) sound file. no noise -

So the noise is coming from the powered hub is my guess, but since RPi2 wont power the SOLO by itself, I can’t test that theory.

Any thoughts?? Again, I realize this is probably not the right forum, or catagory for this question, but since I am using UbuntuMATE, on a RPi2 to try my little experiment, I thought I’d see what you thought.

Thanks for your time.


I would imagine that since most noise similar to what you describe is caused by a bad ground I would try to find another power source than the hub. Is there any way to get power to the Solo? I’m willing to lay money it’s not getting a ground some where.