Automatic Software Update

Hi everybody,
i am wondering why not all my software from my software boutique is updated automatically.
For example i can update Bleach Bit and LibreOffice manually in the boutique, while other programs like Telegram is updated automatically, which i also installed via boutique.

PS: Can anybody tell me how to set the software updates?
These are my current settings.

Thank you all for any help.
Have a nice day.

It's simply a matter of understanding how software updates on the system.

  • Packages (software) are managed by Apt. Tools like Software Updater, Synaptic and :ubuntu_mate: Software Boutique manage this.
  • Very, very few programs have their own way of updating themselves (like Telegram, Steam)
  • Updates for software come through repositories.
    • The "Upgrade" button for LibreOffice in Boutique adds the official PPA, which have newer packages, compared to the stable, well tested version by default (Ubuntu repository).

To update your software, you simply use Software Updater, or from the terminal:

sudo apt full-upgrade

For automatic updates, there isn't an option by default to turn this on for all updates (I believe security updates can be automatically installed in Software & Updates). There are workarounds someone may be able to help you with.

There are some cons to updating without user intervention, like sacrificing stability in the unlikely event an update caused problems.


Thanks a lot lah7,
with this knowledge i understand the update progress.

Another short question:
Will the new PPA of LibreOffice imported into the Ubuntu repository when the new version
has reached a stable status?

Best regards

Very unlikely. Software in 16.04 (LTS) remain frozen at that particular version with only critical updates released. It’s one reason why there is an “opt in” for LibreOffice via the Boutique, in case you need the newer version.

Thanks a lot.
That was again very helpful.

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