Automatically connect to WiFi Ubuntu Mate

I am running said OS on a Dell Inspiron Micro - the neatest little toy I have purchased in a long time. I am running it headless and connecting with ssh, vnc4server and x11vnc. My latest experiment will be as a music player for my shop. The idea being that I will have some mp3 files from my collection stored on the machine and use it as a sound input for my Bose Wave II radio. As I do not have room for a monitor, keyboard etc. I wish to run it headless. Here is the problem…

The WiFi (most of the time) will not connect unless and until a user logs in. I have saved the password to be accessible to all uses which had fixed this issue in older versions of Ubuntu. Not in this case.

I have created an almost powerless user account and set it to automatically login. It successfully connected to WiFi a couple of times and I thought I had the issue resolved - or at least a workaround in hand. I disconnected the Ethernet wire and booted up. No WiFi connection.

I am at a loss. Any suggestions?