Awesome Job on Ubuntu Mate


I just wanted to pop by and say that this is the best operating system I have used in the past 5 years. All the ■■■■■ is cut out and as a result this operating system is clean, quick, reliable while not losing any functionality. Top job guys!

I really love the Software boutique. It’s a really great tool - my tech-phobic girlfriend is even installing software on her own laptop for the first time through it :smile: Saving me loads of time.

For some reason this operating system also is a hell of a lot less stressful on my processor than other operating systems. Mint, Windows, Unity Ubuntu all run around 20-40 degrees Celsius hotter on this laptop (only a couple of years old) than Ubuntu Mate does. Youtube would normally spike my processor temp up to 70-90 degrees and now it runs at 40-50 (only 35-40 when doing anything else compared to 50-60).

Thank you and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I agree Nah444, it is the most thorough, clean and lean distro’s I have
experienced. So much so that I am now ultra cautious about installing
anything new so I don’t stuff it up. I have been a fan of XUbuntu for a
long while and I am thankful it got me off the MS-XP sinking ship
without having to go to any MS variant, however it is not as polished at
Ubuntu-Mate and I am really glad I made the swap. Choosing it for my
Raspberry-Pi www server (Apache II plus Python3 out of the box, very
nice!) is what swung me over to use it on my other machines as well. I
have only found very small things of convenience that I would like
changed/added (eg a menu of recently used Applications to conveniently
return to? Probably already there I just haven’t found it yet).

Excellent product folks, much appreciated,