AWWW CRAAAPP! Logitech H600 wireless headset stopped!<SOLVED>

With the latest updates on 15.04 as of today 3-13-15 @15:00 eastern. My Logitech H600 wireless headset stopped working. They still work on elementaryos luna and Windows 7 on the same laptop so it’s definitely an ubuntuMATE issue. Most likely the ubuntu part of it. Lol.

When is the next stable release? 16.04? I dont want to fall back to 14.04 because it’s no an official release but if I have to I guess I will. I gotta have my headset to do anything for the station.

I have the Logitech H800. I’ll test them in 15.04…

Cool. Thank you @Wimpy

Just fully updated my 15.04 test system. When connected via USB dongle my headset actually shows up as H600. All working fine here.

Mine shows up too. But it doesnt work.

I did one more update. It’s now working. Something must’ve not went right. But they are now working!!!

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@UnkleBonehead Fantastic :slight_smile:

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